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Case Study

PrivateFly is a UK-based company part of Directional Aviation’s OneSky group providing a leading booking platform for on-demand private jet charter. With over 7000 aircraft integrated worldwide, it combines innovative technology with a team of aviation experts, making it faster and easier to arrange a private jet.

PrivateFly Ltd.

Marketing Translation

English (UK) > French





As part of PrivateFly’s European expansion strategy, I was tasked with translating the entire company website to introduce the booking platform in France.
The volume of content was substantial, with over 400,000 words to translate, including web pages, the booking interface, products, aircrafts and airports descriptions, blog and newsletter content.

The service was completely disruptive, offering an innovative solution to charter private jets in Europe which meant it needed to be explained and presented with the user in mind. As well, in France, chartering a private jet can be badly perceived: executives and politicians' travels are under scrutiny. To justify the expense, benefits of convenience and speed need to be stressed more than luxury travel and lifestyle.

All texts included in this broad project were delivered on-time, according to the client’s requirements and a weekly schedule set up with the in-house marketing team. Bringing expertise of marketing translation and French culture, I provided input into PrivateFly’s expansion strategy and delivered content written with its goals, brand image and target audience in mind.

Localisation paid off and PrivateFly’s brand reputation and sales quickly grew in France, where the company recorded a steady growth of +40% in just 3 years after the launch of its French website.

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