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Trëma Lingua provides custom packages of language services to meet your goals and engage your local audience.

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in French

Just like you wouldn’t drive off without putting your seatbelt on, you shouldn’t publish a text until it has been proofread by a native professional. I proofread your translations and documents written in French (by a native or perfectly bilingual writer) and compare them to their source to identify possible errors. I carefully check spelling, grammar, typography, punctuation and formatting to ensure your final copy is flawless.


in French

Going one step further than proofreading, I review the syntax, tone, style and quality of expression of your texts. When required, I rewrite them partially to improve their readability and flow in French.


from English to French

I translate exclusively from English to French and specialise in marketing, international trade and corporate communication. In these fields, translation errors are costly, both financially and for your brand’s image, that’s why you need my skill set, blending business knowledge, writing skills and cultural sensitivity, to convey your message in a powerful way.

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for the French market

Based in Paris, I live in my mother tongue and culture. I am your eyes and ears in France and provide you with insights on how to effectively adapt your texts and interfaces to French preferences and expectations (dates, numbers, units, visuals, greetings and other cultural conventions…).


from English to French

Some of your content (usually short advertising and brand-driven content like headers, taglines and slogans) will require further adaptation than translation and localisation to make your brand voice and message resonate with your French audience. Through transcreation, I provide you with a new creative concept in French which conveys the emotional impact of its source.

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Content writing

in French

Scale your business and reach out to your customers and prospects by creating content in French. You will optimise your search engine ranking by staying clear of translation software and leverage the full power of native language by hiring me as your in-market copywriter. As a translator and blog author, writing is my natural mode of expression. Focusing on your brand and strategy, I write informative and promotional content (landing pages, ads, brochures, blog posts, articles, white papers, etc.) to attract and convert your French target audience.

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