The stranger sees only what he knows.
African proverb

Life is crazy. We are all busy and would rather focus our attention on what we do best.

To help you define the requirements of your communication project and deepen your understanding of your French audience beyond the clichés, I act as your language and cultural advisor to put your strategy and message in context.

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Free consultation

Depending on your location, I will call you by phone or video to discuss your needs and expectations. Based on this initial assessment, I will recommend the best language service (or combination of services) to achieve your goals. I will then be able to prepare a detailed quotation or proposal, including the cost and timeline of your project. Of course, you will be under no obligation to proceed, you can take this information and use it at a later date or for research purposes. See this free consultation as an excellent way to get started on your international communication project.

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Open line communication

When you hire me, you deal with an independent service provider. Without an intermediary, nothing gets lost in translation and the expert you have carefully chosen does the work. You can call me or email me directly. You can give instructions and feedback in English. I listen to you and ask the right questions to guide you on your path to success.

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Clear explanations

Assessing the quality of a translation or content creation service in a language you don’t speak can be difficult and when trying to understand a different culture, we can all be blinded by cultural biases. To help you get in control of your content strategy, I not only translate your words but also my language and culture so you can understand the linguistic choices I make to attract, engage and convert your audience. I can arrange for proofreading and editing by another native translator. For strategic brand content, I will deliver your copy along with notes to explain my rationale and provide different options for taglines and slogans, along with a back translation if necessary.

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