English to French Translation

76% of customers are more likely to purchase when they have access to product information in their native language.
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Good translators always work into their mother tongue, the one whose subtleties and specifics they know best, I therefore translate exclusively from English to French and specialise in high-impact content.

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Promotional materials

Websites and web copy

Mobile applications


White papers

Market research

Product descriptions and catalogues…

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International trade

E-commerce websites

Terms and conditions

Commercial documents

Business plans

Market reports

Business proposals

Sales correspondence…

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Business communication


Internal publications

Statements and announcements

Press releases

Social media

Presentation decks

Training materials and e-learning…

Added services to meet your needs

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I proofread your translations and documents written in French (by a native or perfectly bilingual writer) and compare them to their source to identify possible errors. Spelling, grammar, typography, punctuation and formatting are checked to guarantee the quality of your texts. Going one step further than proofreading, I review the syntax, tone, style and quality of expression of your texts. When necessary, I rewrite them to improve their readability and flow in French.

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Based in Paris, I live in my mother tongue and culture. I am your eyes and ears in France and provide you with insights on how to effectively adapt your texts and interfaces to French preferences and expectations (dates, numbers, units, visuals, greetings and other cultural conventions…).

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Some of your content (usually short advertising and brand-driven content like headers, taglines and slogans) will require to go one step further than translation and localisation to make your brand voice and message resonate with your French audience. Transcreation results in a new creative concept which conveys the emotional impact of the English source in French.

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